Beth Thornton

Beth was 7, rollerblading around her kitchen singing “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” when her Mum came in and said “that was great, sing it again?”. And that’s the first time someone told her she could sing.
She didn’t start songwriting until around 15 years old. When people would ask her how she got into it they always think her answer is funny. “Bon Jovi”. Not many 15 year old girls were listening to an 80’s rock band, Anyway, they released a Nashville influenced album and she couldn’t get enough! She loved the songwriting, lyrics and catchy hooks. It introduced her to the world of country. Dixie Chicks, Reba McEntire, Brad Paisley anything like them and she was addicted to how listening to that kind of music made her feel.
She decided she wanted to learn guitar so she could play these songs. Her brother played so she asked him to give her lesson. It lasted 10 minutes before they had a huge argument. So she taught herself.
All this has all lead to her beginning starting her journey as a UK Country artist.
Beth recently signed to w21Records and has just finished recording her debut single and is gearing up for the release by playing several shows over the UK.