Curb Records’ recording duo, American Young continues to bring in fans throughout the world after travelling overseas for a sixth time to perform songs off their debut album, AY. Throughout their various tours, the duo has made stops in Switzerland, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Norway.

“One of the amazing things about this job is getting to travel and visit new places. Music will always be my first love but my second love is travel. It is such a wonderful by-product of what we do. We get to experience different cultures and traditions. We are all products of who we meet and our experiences.” Said Osmunson in a recent interview with iSing Magazine.

American Young was delighted to have the opportunity to tour in Europe again, combining the two things they love most – performing and travelling. The duo’s unique sound and high-energy performance has earned them fans across the globe. This tour was a chance for them to once again give thanks and connect with their international supporters.

“Listening to Jon’s slightly husky tones mingled with Kristy’s feather light vocals created a fantastic symmetry to the songs that was undeniable.  You could feel the creativity and energy building as they burned through every song.  The instrumental solos of Kristy’s lilting, almost soulful violin and the guitarist’s blazing solo cooked the atmosphere until it was just electric.” –

“It’s clear that Stone and Osmunson have a natural chemistry. When they come together and harmonize, such as on the dreamy Slow Ride, they really excel and it makes you long for more moments like that.”- Entertainment Focus

While on tour, American Young made several appearances on BBC, one appearance with Ricky Ross on BBC Scotland and another with Tony Fisher on BBC Essex. Most recently, the duo returned to the UK for an appearance at the British Country Music Awards. They attended the event as nominees for the “Best International Touring Act” award.  Having had such a wonderful response from their sixth European Tour, American Young was honored to receive this nomination.