Cheshire Wildlife Trust and Buckle and Boots Country Music Festival

Cheshire Wildlife Trust

If you’ve been to an event at Etherow Park before you’ll already know that all the action takes place in a stunning rural setting. But did you realise that its location is so much more than just a scenic backdrop to our music extravaganza?

During our festival you’ll be partying and camping right next to Compstall Nature Reserve, a very special wildlife site looked after by your local conservation charity, Cheshire Wildlife Trust.

Situated on the banks of the River Etherow, this beautiful reserve is made up of reed bed, open water and woodland which provide a haven for some of our region’s most threatened wildlife. It’s a fantastic hotspot for birds such as kingfisher and yellow wagtail, plus a whole host of dragonflies and damselflies. The elusive white-letter hairstreak butterfly has also been known to pay this site a visit.

We’ve been helping the Trust to manage Compstall Nature Reserve for several years now by providing our Aberdeen Angus cattle to graze the site during the spring and summer. So, it felt only natural that we should team up with them as our charity partner for this year’s festival.

Funds raised during the festival helps to contribute to the maintenance and upkeep of the Nature Reserve, assisting the Trust in continuing it’s vital conservation work to maintain this special place for people and wildlife for years to come. We urge all of our guests to treat the site, and the surrounding area, with the sensitivity it deserves.

© James Rogerson

© Derek Moore