In an era of talent show winners and disposable ‘pop stars’, CURRAN stand out from the rest, not only as artists, and song writers, but as bona fide Rock Stars. From New Jersey to Nashville, growing up Mark Curran was surrounded, and influenced by a plethora of music’s finest. Having spent the last couple years on the road supporting FRANKIE BALLARD, TUCKER BEATHARD, The QUIREBOYS, and most recently DRAKE WHITE, CURRAN are now taking their unique brand of Rock N Roll Country Soul around the UK on their first ever headlining tour. Having just released their brand new single exclusively on Spotify, and with a new album due out later this year, CURRAN are hoping to bring back a much-needed excitement to music. Building upon great and honest songwriting, CURRAN leave their hearts on the stage every time. “Whether it’s five people or 5,000 people, it’s the same show!” “We’re just trying to play honest music and entertain you! All we’re asking for is a chance, come see us, and I promise… won’t regret it!”