Denny Strickland’s love for the West Coast culture uniquely blends with his Arkansas country roots to create music that feels like a throwback and an expression of modern romantic expression.  On the road from age 5 showing horses, Strickland taught himself to play the guitar and write songs.  Denny began to play regional gigs and caught the eye of The Statler Brothers’ long time manager (And Bass player for Johnny Cash), Marshall Grant.  Grant’s passing in 2011 set the wheels in motion for Strickland’s move to Nashville, reigniting his music career on the MusicRowCountryBreakout Chart with his debut hits “Swerve On” and the club anthem “Get A Grip”.  Strickland co-produced his debut album, California Dreamin with producer Sean Giovanni, which was released in 2017, producing the #17 MusicRowCountryBreakout hit “We Don’t Sleep”. Strickland has writing credits on six of the 10 tracks on the project, including the new single “California Dreramin”.