Although the name Jodie McKay may be new in songwriter circles, she is by no means new to the music business. She made her first appearance on stage at the age of 5 in her Father’s band, and had written her first song by the time she was 10. Jodie’s family were all big country music fans and it was her love for the genre and the heartfelt honesty of the lyrics that inspired her to write her own songs.

In an extremely varied musical career, Jodie has performed in a number of bands and shows in different roles, playing bass guitar, acoustic guitar, piano and mandolin, as well as being an accomplished harmony singer and lead vocalist. In 1994 Jodie spent some time in Philadelphia at Camp America where she worked as a music teacher for the mentally disabled. She helped put together weekly shows for them, and performed in them herself.

Throughout her career, Jodie has continued to write her own songs, although only occasionally performing them live. Over the last two years, that has begun to change, since she posted a video for one of her songs, “The Colour In You”, on YouTube. The home made video clip brought so many positive comments that Jodie felt it was a perfect time to make her writing the main focus of her career moving forward.