Recording artist Jess Thristan wrote her first song, “The Shield”, at the early

age of 15 and five years later recorded it at the famous Angel Studios with a 24-

piece orchestra along with other tracks such as a stunning cover of The Beatles’

“From Me to You” which became the music for the SKY TV Christmas 2015 campaign.

Fast forward to 2018, Jess took a step back from promoting and touring to focus

on her new musical direction writing the music she has loved and been inspired by

since a child and feels most naturally suited to. She’s been busy writing and

recording with a strong country music influence from the likes of Maren Morris

and Jillian Jacqueline whilst retaining her own roots and style.

Jess began collaborating with a variety of songwriters, artists and producers

whose music she already admired while testing the new tunes at intimate venues

around London, Manchester and Leeds which opened doors for Jess within the UK

country scene.

From selling out her own night at London members club The Library to opening for

Remember Monday at their single launch party presented by CountrylineTV, which also

rendered lovely praise on Maverick magazine, Jess closed the year working with none other than Tim

Prottey-Jones (The Wandering Hearts) and Jamie Evans (Wildwood Kin).

Jess’ first county EP is set to be released this Spring 2019.