Nashville based Australian Award winning Singer/Songwriter Tamara
Stewart has long been regarded one of Australia’s finest exports.
With multiple #1’s to her name in her own releases, Tamara is also the
pen behind many of her peer’s musical successes, enjoying multiple
chart topping hits and album cuts on some of Australian Country
Music’s most successful artists.

Touring her homeland and headlining festivals for well over 10 years,
Tamara has also performed throughout the UK. However, these days,
Tamara is a regular on stages in Nashville such as the infamous Bluebird
Café, as well as various Songwriting Festivals across the USA.
Tamara uses her powerful vocals and emotional writing style on her
newest album project The Truth The Music and Me to share the
deepest most personal body of work to date.

Being released as a three part series, The Truth The Music and Me-
Part 1: RUIN speaks of the initial stage of transformation but as the

album is revealed through two more stages, it moves through the
process of healing and triumph, with the final offering expected in early
Those who are fortunate enough to see Tamara’s show, are treated to
this very real, uniquely talented woman who shares and connects in a
way that only the truest artists can. A charismatic and seasoned
performer, all she needs is a guitar and a microphone, armed with her
own story, the audience is transported to a place of self reflection and
connection. The audience is left with little doubt as to why Tamara
Stewart is now making her mark in the Nashville community and into
the USA scene.
The Truth The Music and Me tells a story. Song by song, part by part
and listeners who go on this journey with her can rest assured, this
story ends well.
In fact, if early reviews and responses to this new three part release are
anything to go by, we can all be sure that the story will end very well